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You Never Go Full Moustache (Vlog)

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Brussel Sprouts vs. Actual Europeans

According to the Romanian EU MP Traian Ungureano Brussels has a rather dim view of Eastern Europeans. I can’t say I’m shocked. So… Eastern Europeans are lazy says the organization headed by the nation that started two World Wars. The second having the express…

Disorganization and Tree Update

Keeping up with papers isn’t one of my skills but fortunately some of my trees are sprouting leaves. Music I Used Freedom Theme I and II – Rocco John – Internet Archive – Free Domain https://archive.org/details/enrcmp18_-_100_years_of_noise_-_public_domain_celebration_release/08_rocco_john_-_freedom_theme_i_and_ii.mp3 Leaving Ship – Ocean Piano – Internet Archive…

I couldn’t resist

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SIGHT (Poem)

Serious so serious You are all so serious Everything is lead Mysterious yes mysterious So mysterious and dead Without gravity Pomp and circumstance How would longevity Grace your arrogance You call us fools You call us clowns We are but tools To be herded…

Fractal Briefs # 1 – What Embarasses Me

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Open Letter to the Collegiate

Dear Corporate, If the promise of diploma and the salary that it brings is the only reason that you cracked a book today – you are not educated. Sincerely, Alexander V. Weir |Webmaster – The Fractal Journal P.S. Pedantically picking apart grammatical errors does…