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Should You E-fast?

IRL fasting has many benefits. Check out P.D. Mangan’s amazing anti-aging site for more on this. If that’s not enough. Even Jesus loves fasting. There’s some juju out there that can’t be banished any other way. Except maybe the internet. So should you go… Continue Reading “Should You E-fast?”

Let a Sleeping Dog Lie

Hey, I bought into the myth myself…. for a long time. The idea that sleep is for the weak, that I was somehow special, needing less sleep than your average schmuck. This was part of my modus operandi for a good decade. I eventually… Continue Reading “Let a Sleeping Dog Lie”

The Importance of Consistency

Consistency is the glue that holds life together. Cause like glue consistency is consistent. It is the stickiness that lets you keep all the little parts of your mind and soul intact. What I mean is that following a discipline in any one area… Continue Reading “The Importance of Consistency”