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Garden Update – Blossoms and First Tiny Peppers!

Gardenin. Good times.

TFS 34 – Pumpin the Plants, Berlin Gutmensch, and Dr. Cody

I teach my plants to think big and kick ass, discuss the resurgence of the stasi, and present a robust case for quarantine (with my own criticism) from Ron Unz. Sources https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-germany-denunciati/germans-snitch-on-neighbours-flouting-virus-rules-in-echo-of-the-stasi-past-idUSKBN21K2PB https://www.guentherbirkenstock.de/der-gutmensch https://www.unz.com/runz/the-government-employee-who-may-have-saved-a-million-american-lives/ A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes… Continue Reading “TFS 34 – Pumpin the Plants, Berlin Gutmensch, and Dr. Cody”

Disorganization and Tree Update

Keeping up with papers isn’t one of my skills but fortunately some of my trees are sprouting leaves. Music I Used Freedom Theme I and II – Rocco John – Internet Archive – Free Domain https://archive.org/details/enrcmp18_-_100_years_of_noise_-_public_domain_celebration_release/08_rocco_john_-_freedom_theme_i_and_ii.mp3 Leaving Ship – Ocean Piano – Internet Archive… Continue Reading “Disorganization and Tree Update”

Baby Tree Update – Vlog

Super brief vlog on what I found about the bareroot trees I planted. Email | mellow.mission.productions@gmail.com Minds | http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow

My First Time Planting Trees – Arbor Day Foundation Package (Vlog)

The Arbor Day Foundation sent a very generous portion of baby trees after I responded to their letter with a small donation. It was good they came right after the rain. Though it was very unexpexted. I was getting into the shower as I… Continue Reading “My First Time Planting Trees – Arbor Day Foundation Package (Vlog)”