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Wine Is Manlier Than Beer Because Mobsters Turned The Frogs Gay (Vlog)

Atrazine. Mob loving teen. Beer don’t make man-titties lean. An intellectual discussion.

The Future – The Seven Pillars of Dawn

In the future….   1) Number crunching and decision making will be done via algorithm. Algorithms don’t require bonuses. CEO’s will become Baristas. 2) The most hipstery Baristas will use the power of snark to become managers and tell the CEO to get the…

Noble Order of Asshole Knights – Join or Serve!

So, I was practicing violin (poorly) from a Mel Bay book I picked up. One of the songs is Gavotte by some fop named Praetorius. Being that I’m about as naturally musical as a coked up bobcat trapped in well full of nettles I…

Long Drive – Original Song

  Hello. Yes, it’s all about Tacos. A decent pair of headphones certainly makes a difference in recording quality. Email| mellow.mission.productions@gmail.com Minds| http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow

Hipster Viking (Doodle)

Since my last post was kind of heavy here’s some comic relief.

Post. Grunge. Punks. – Origin (Webcomic)

This little verbose atrocity seems to be what got the gears rolling for the ‘Post Grunge Punks’ idea. It was in an old sketchpad filled with stuff from various years. This was pretty recent though. March 2017, which is odd because normally things feel…

Post. Grunge. Punks. – ‘Band Geek’ (Webcomic)

My scanner is working! I just installed Linux Mint and things are super peachy. Which is just as well because I wasn’t getting along with the mouse today. So here’s a quick hand-sketched PGP episode. I never did understand suit hatred.  So functional and elegant…but…