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Thoughts on Depression

I offer some suggestions on dealing with the blues. An offering called forth by the disheartening rate of suicides we’re seeing during the Coronavirus lockdown. Enjoy this post? Consider helping cover web hosting costs, and legitimizing my carpal tunnel by donating to my Paypal. 

TFS 38 – Defending David Paulides

Ugh, can’t get a handle on Premiere Pro. Not only is it mono again…but the graphics look like shite. (Been using Kdenlive thus far. And will use both in future.) Today I take on: ‘the skeptic’s perspective’ on David Paulides‘ investigations of mysterious disappearances… Continue Reading “TFS 38 – Defending David Paulides”

Pain au Chocolat, Dummy Neuroscientist, and Yuppie Toilets

I go through an article and prattle about variousness. Dummy Neuroscientist – https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/08/cortical-adrenal-orchestra/496679/ Toilets for Yups – https://washlet.totousa.com/index.php

Wanna info binge sum moar?

Ugh, it’s gonna be another chore laden day. While, I really think homeownership is one of the keys to liberty it’s also a huge pain in the ass. Especially as concerns labyrinthine beauracratic horrors associated therewith. In the interest of not going into another… Continue Reading “Wanna info binge sum moar?”

The Saracens in Flight (Song/Poem/Guitar Idea)

Sifting round for musical ideas. Black sand shivers Dog star glimmers Sapphire silence Subtle violence The Saracens in flight Lamps are burning Sacred yearning For the ending of the light Bones are dancing turning engines (Crystalline machinery) Of the rite The Saracens in flight… Continue Reading “The Saracens in Flight (Song/Poem/Guitar Idea)”

TFS 33 – The California Lockdown, Victorian Ethos, and Lovely Books

I’ve subscribed to the Wall Street Journal to get the scoop on what’s going on in the foreign country of California. The place is currently on lockdown and several other states may follow suit. I discuss this in some detail. I then expound on… Continue Reading “TFS 33 – The California Lockdown, Victorian Ethos, and Lovely Books”

Ajar – Free Writing Prompt/Idea

Rain pattered hynotically against the windsheild. Making it damned difficult to keep my eyes open. Somewhere a million miles away a voice informed me that the door was ajar. I hate getting out of bed. But she’d turned the shower on and now I… Continue Reading “Ajar – Free Writing Prompt/Idea”

Held – An Essay

“Though there are many varieties of the view discussed. Utilitarianism is generally held to be the view that the morally right action is the action that produces the most good. “ – The History of Utilitarianism | The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Held. Something… Continue Reading “Held – An Essay”

Plastic Rose – The Changing Nature of Memory

Isn’t it interesting or perhaps more fittingly alarming that we have precious few markers of passage? A letter is such a finite thing. Perhaps no more finite than a tweet but certainly more tangibly finite. Because the leaf, the bit of tree, it will… Continue Reading “Plastic Rose – The Changing Nature of Memory”

Scams, Hardwork, Royalty Free Goodies, and Utilitarianism (Vlog)

A bit about some dude from Delhi tryin to steal my tele, Mozarts workethic, great tunes on Internet Archive, and a shamble through philosophy. Checkout Donut Operator (A channel where a excop explains copping) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwkm_Wcyh0pc7UUmZZfL-6wBadass Internet Archive Royalty Free Goodness https://archive.org/details/Incompetech/mp3-royaltyfree/Achaidh+Cheide.mp3 https://archive.org/details/Nerdy202CreativeCommon/Devil's+Bingo+(Jazzy+Detective+Edition).wav Danos Stuff… Continue Reading “Scams, Hardwork, Royalty Free Goodies, and Utilitarianism (Vlog)”