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Fractal Radio| Episode 23 – Can You Schedule Poetry (Creative Workflow)

  A brief discussion on the difficulties of managing interest and work in a variety of outputs. Here I’ll discuss single discipline focus vs the more ‘renaissance man’ approach and ask questions like should you schedule poetry? http://www.fractaljournal.com | Stories, Ideas, and More http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio| Episode 23 – Can You Schedule Poetry (Creative Workflow)”

Fractal Radio | Episode 19 – Pundits Disease

Public discourse is vital to a free and open society. Effective public discourse faces many challenges. One such challenge is Pundits Disease – moralizing about pet issues from a high tower. Pundits and commentators whether mainstream or independent tend to be removed from direct… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 19 – Pundits Disease”

Bitchute is a thing. (Vlog)

Muh Chute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/1rZDYOedldwp/ Muh social media: http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow Muh ebegging: http://www.patreon.com/TheFracalJournal Muh Dick:  

Should Science be a business? (Vlog)

Sources https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11191-013-9583-8 https://mises.org/library/economic-thought-ancient-greece Muh Social  https://www.minds.com/Weirmellow Help a Hipster https://www.patreon.com/TheFractalJournal

Pineapple Time – Idea Medley – Why Write and More (Vlog)

Just another mish-mash of ideas in vlog form that I’ll just refer to as Idea Medley. Today we’ll be talking about pineapples, gut and performance, and reasons for writing, among other things. Links fractaljournal.com is my main site where you’ll find stories, essays, webcomics, and… Continue Reading “Pineapple Time – Idea Medley – Why Write and More (Vlog)”

TFJ Vlogs – Creative Confidence

I talk a bit about how to gain momentum as a content creator. The key I think is to have a good idea of your format. So if you’re a talk-show, vlog, or reporter: ask and answer good questions. Knowing simple things like this… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs – Creative Confidence”

TAP # 11 – Glib, Glam, and Guano (Vlog)

In this installment of TAP (The Audity Podcast), I discuss pitfalls in reasoning that come from the way that information is popularly presented. Presented in gloriously anachronistic black and white because I am a shameless hep-cat hypocrite! Example One: http://psychologyofeating.com/mind-over-food/ Example Two: http://reason.com/archives/2002/09/25/i-dont-care-where-my-food-come Further… Continue Reading “TAP # 11 – Glib, Glam, and Guano (Vlog)”

The Regular Irregular – (Poem with Essay) Jeder Rilke ist schrecklich

    Hardly are there any hours Scarcely do they ever stay Called as if by unseen powers This strange gift loves to stray First, it was giddy Tearing at tinsel Then it was less greedy A casual spell Finally, I learned to see… Continue Reading “The Regular Irregular – (Poem with Essay) Jeder Rilke ist schrecklich”

The Watering Hole (Vlog)

I’m coming at this from a ‘psychological’ angle. This differs from most people’s usual take on our tendency to not look beyond grocery store shelves because I’m not promoting or contesting ‘organic’ claims. This is just a bit of informal speculation on unseen effects… Continue Reading “The Watering Hole (Vlog)”

Summer Wine Demo

Since I haven’t had the time to write an essay or record new material today I: Thought I’d share something I recorded when I actually had a mic. This is far more ‘minimalist’ then what I posted here: Mirror Pond Demo I really like the… Continue Reading “Summer Wine Demo”