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The Best Argument for Privacy

Aside from superior kernel architecture, greater choice in file systems, and the wisdom of not granting root access to anyone who drunkenly stumbles in at 3 AM the greatest advantages of Linux are not purely technical. I am by nature an artist and not… Continue Reading “The Best Argument for Privacy”

Donut Operator – YouTube and Selective Enforcement

Donut Operator is a former police officer turned YouTuber whose recent breakdown of an arrest video was removed by and resulted in a warning from YouTube. The grounds under which the video was removed were: “graphic content”. The arrest video appears on a number… Continue Reading “Donut Operator – YouTube and Selective Enforcement”

Should You E-fast?

IRL fasting has many benefits. Check out P.D. Mangan’s amazing anti-aging site for more on this. If that’s not enough. Even Jesus loves fasting. There’s some juju out there that can’t be banished any other way. Except maybe the internet. So should you go… Continue Reading “Should You E-fast?”

Their Product? | Who owns the Internet?

The internet is not a trendy cafe and you are not the Grand Barista.  Technology is a cumulative collaborative process. Ideas form all round the world, needs arise, and information converges – pens are made with ball points! And internets! So at the end… Continue Reading “Their Product? | Who owns the Internet?”

Fractal Radio| Episode 11 – Tim Berners-Lee, Solid, and the Future of the Internet

  I review and discuss an article in Vanity Fair about internet luminary Tim Berners-Lee. Who according to livescience.com is responsible for HTML and as far as I understand, the general outline and process of WWW as we know it. He has always favored… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio| Episode 11 – Tim Berners-Lee, Solid, and the Future of the Internet”

Fractal Radio | Episode 10 – World Wide Problem Domain

I stall for time! In the coming days, I will post a fairly in-depth analysis of internet issues and the recent Vanity Fair Article about Tim Berners-Lee and his new project called ‘SOLID.’ For now, I just give a brief overview of the problem… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 10 – World Wide Problem Domain”

The Power of Internet (Vlog)

Topics Discussed Facebook turns down Brian Acton in 2009 Don’t let rejection get you down Alt-Tech The purpose/value of social media Take responsibility for how you use technology Credentialism is bad Essays, Ebooks, Comics, and More | http://www.fractaljournal.com Social Media| http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow Beer ain’t free|… Continue Reading “The Power of Internet (Vlog)”

‘Murica Month| Speechcraft + 1776 (Vlog)

A brief vlog discussing the importance of skilled oratory for every citizen of a democratic republic. June is ‘Murica month on Mellow Mission Productions. I’ll be reading up on all things Locke, Washington, 1776, and Murica. Videos and essays are forthcoming. |Reading List |… Continue Reading “‘Murica Month| Speechcraft + 1776 (Vlog)”