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Tryin To Funk Up My Blues

Just another Jam

Mud Jam

D Dorian Jam Thing I Think Just got a Fender Champion 100 AMP and a 40 dollar MIC and some time so here’s a thing.

Wasted Days Demo

Got a 40 dollar CAD u49 since my abused Focusrite finally called it quits. Works pretty good.

Saturday Morning Jam

This Saturday morning has me thrilled with possibilities. So i tried to capture that in a little jam session on guitar. Email |mellow.mission.productions@gmail.com Minds | http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow SubscribeStar | (Under Construction) http://www.subscribestar.com/TFJ

Gee, Bee Flat, and Dee (Vlog and Music Sorta)

9 minutes of utter wank. I do like the chord though. If it is a chord I think it’s supposed to be G, B Flat, and D Flat but whatever. It was my intention to get some headway on the Sketch of Sam Monroe… Continue Reading “Gee, Bee Flat, and Dee (Vlog and Music Sorta)”

Dare I Raise a Song (Original Music)

Another little jam I was able to squeeze in. Hoping to squeeze harder tomorrow, more tunefully, and less like a stray cat that got too curious about the hobo’s little sack of powder. Squeeze is such an odd word. Seriously try to find a… Continue Reading “Dare I Raise a Song (Original Music)”

Incomplete – Original Jam

Hammin up a jam for giggles. A bit of an experiment of what I could come up with before an earl shift. The beginning reminds me of some Opeth song…not trying to plagiarize just kinda a d major shape thing that sounds cool.

Quasimodo’s Ring – An Ode to Mr. Drake (Original Lyrics and Song)

Another Late Evening Jam…check out Nick Drake if you want to hear some fantastic music by someone who actually took the trouble to practice singing. Don’t You Know the Ring? (Alternate Title) Lyrics The faintest spark Within the dark Would hold us fast And… Continue Reading “Quasimodo’s Ring – An Ode to Mr. Drake (Original Lyrics and Song)”