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2012 Wine, New Laptop, Some Japan Trivia, and a Tune (Vlog)

  Odds and ends ranging from a discussion of a new bit of gear that has that old bit of Malware called Windows installed. Why I’m probably going to use it for at least a year despite the excellence of the Linux desktop environment….

Earthquakes, Aliens, and twinkly eyed Irishmen (Vlog)

Huh…I uploaded this yesterday but I guess I forgot to hit publish. Sleep is important. 1) More McNamara Why so paranoid? 2)More Japan Magnitude 7.9 Earthquake 3) More Rogan Smug Call Me An Idiot Here http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow Or Here mellow.mission.productions@gmail.com Support This Here http://www.subscribestar.com/TFJ Or…