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I am an American. I came to this country when I was very young and have made an extensive study of the enlightenment era values and principles it was founded on. That doesn’t mean I ignore my background. Nor does it mean that I… Continue Reading “Freedom”

March Medley|Crisis Culture, Cultural Marxism, and Updates

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Read the Reed!

My next vlog about The New Yorker’s article regarding  LTL company Taser’s transition to the weapons, data, and analytics firm Axon is currently rendering. Given the specs of my backup system this is going to take two hours… So in the meantime I suggest… Continue Reading “Read the Reed!”

A Good Sign?

The video below comes from ‘The Knife Media’ which seems to be taking a step in the right direction. They use a fairly good grasp of logical fallacies to point out the misleading tactics of big media companies and influential personalities. Their journalistic chops… Continue Reading “A Good Sign?”

A Defense of Journalism

There is some salty language briefly. It is included because it is how some people talk. Skip it if you’re offended. There’s lots of content here. Don’t Be Defensive I’m always going to remember sitting in my techie friends small office bedroom, on the… Continue Reading “A Defense of Journalism”