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TFS 9 – Capitalism Fetishism, Oldy Time Squirrel Pet Craze, and more on Language

While it’s likely just a rhetorical flourish there seem to be a great number of folks convinced that capitalism is some sort of Panacea. This overly rosy picture is inaccurate since it fails to take into account the vast difference that access to natural…

TFS 6 – Canned Experience, Language and Inclination, You are the “Audience”

HD and beyond bring a level of immersion that destroys a barrier we might have been better off keeping. Do world languages shape cultures and the capacities of the people that comprise those cultures. When creating for an audience remember that the audience is…

Linguistic Myopia | Art as Remedy (Vlog)

You can’t fix what you can’t describe…you can’t describe what you can’t see…A brief take on a problem I’ve been trying to pin down for years. I propose that a lot of the depression, ennui, and disaffection is due to a poor descriptive capacity….