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Dr. Youtube

My video got yeeted for “medical misinformation.” This raises some legal questions. What qualifies a video hosting site to offer medical advice? Is a company like Google which is subsidized by taxpayer money allowed to disregard freedom of speech?

Turmeric and Corona Law

I ramble about turmeric and discuss some points from VivaFrei’s vlog about the legal, economic, and social consequences of the government’s reaction to the Coronvirus Pandemic. Viva’s vlog is in the form of a discussion between three lawyers one of whom agrees with the… Continue Reading “Turmeric and Corona Law”

Corona Arrests – Warranted?

This ain’t muh Murica. We should be careful what sorts of precedents we allow this virus to set. Fuck Spain by the way. Lady is dumb but pools are filled with Chlorine and sitting in small enclosed areas that share ventilation with hundreds of… Continue Reading “Corona Arrests – Warranted?”

TFS 28 – Perlenbacher, Carpentry Aspirations, and the Canadian Mushroom Feind

I talk about the thrifty goodness of Lidl and Aldis, which are right next to each other in my town. I got this premium Lager from Lidl and it’s decent. Frankly, this whole thing is a ramble where I talk about everything from my… Continue Reading “TFS 28 – Perlenbacher, Carpentry Aspirations, and the Canadian Mushroom Feind”

TFS 19 – Plato the Hipster, Protagoras, and Russell’s Defense of the Sophists

There is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

‘Don’t Datamine Me Bro’ – Taser, Axon, Skynet? (Part II)

  I was born in 1989. A mere 29 years ago and despite my ‘youth’ I still feel odd about cloud storage. A radical shift happened in the new millennium. All my childhood and adolescent visions of precincts with tidy file cabinets of records… Continue Reading “‘Don’t Datamine Me Bro’ – Taser, Axon, Skynet? (Part II)”

The Schlossberg Fractal

I run a website called The Fractal Journal. So I tend to see things fractally. Everyone does. Because everyone understands that no action occurs in a vaccum and is thus inherently multifaceted. There’s a New York attorney called Aaron Schlossberg who was recently the… Continue Reading “The Schlossberg Fractal”

TFJ Vlogs – Business, Data, and Law: The Case for Oversight

In this ‘TFJ Vlog’ I discuss how the solution to many problems of technology like Big Data may not be technological but legal and societal. I was heartened when I found out that the CEO of AT&T had mentioned the need for an ‘Internet… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs – Business, Data, and Law: The Case for Oversight”