Tag: Lyrical

Soil – A Poetic Notion

Death is my Religion Death is my sacred Mother Death is the vehicle by which my soul traverses the heavens She is no macabre fancy But a perfumed blossom When I was a boy I dreamed of a rotting woman in an upper room… Continue Reading “Soil – A Poetic Notion”

No Way To Last (Poem)

Yea. I’m constantly wired. Yea. I’m hardly tired. Yea. It’s hard to the nth degree. Yea. This stream so fierce so free. Yea. Watch it hurtle me. Yea. Blur is all I see. Woah. Electronic. Woah. Pornographic. Woah. Everywhere. Woah. At once here and… Continue Reading “No Way To Last (Poem)”

Cager (Poem)

Overclocked machines Stuffed to the brim With numbered Listlessness so grim So grimly unencumbered To trim Cutting meaning into action Assembled and compiled For a smoother traction Cager faintly smiled The neatness the precision How carefree To live without decision In the geometric See… Continue Reading “Cager (Poem)”

Stardust’s Hymn

The sun drinks in all of our history The sun remains there Hunky Dory Just don’t stare The sun is a mystery Rolling on Hunky Dory Nothing’s gone The sun shines through every memory It lit all paths Just Hunky Dory Now it laughs… Continue Reading “Stardust’s Hymn”