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We’re All Ads

Craftsmanship at an all time low…salesmanship booming…. We’re all ads now. SouthPark nailed it. P.S. – Selling things is not a craft. It’s a fart. Necessary, at times rewarding, and essential but so so stinky. Enjoy this post? Consider helping cover web hosting costs,… Continue Reading “We’re All Ads”

Scott Adams’s Bil Keane Epiphany and My Problem With Shrinks (An Essay)

     In one of his recent videos, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame recounted an interesting episode from his career. He had had an epiphany. Delivered courtesy of one Bil Keane of Family Circus fame. The revelation was that Scott was a cartoonist’s cartoonist.… Continue Reading “Scott Adams’s Bil Keane Epiphany and My Problem With Shrinks (An Essay)”

Saturday Morning Musings – Is ‘Pitch Culture’ gonna improve Novels?

Saturdays often find me gathering strength for the coming week.  They are often as productive as any other day but their charm lies in that they don’t have to be. So I sit here giving my eyes a rest, nearly blind without my contacts,… Continue Reading “Saturday Morning Musings – Is ‘Pitch Culture’ gonna improve Novels?”

A Week in Sales

I am not a salesman. I suppose I could be if I worked at it but I don’t find it very engaging. That’s not to say that Sales is a bad career or that sales people are bad. If you believe in your product… Continue Reading “A Week in Sales”