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Random Memory # 666

  im from russia originally and my babushka told me not to whistle in doors cause it summons satan. i whistled a lot when i went through my goth phase as a teen in the early aughts.

The Distance Remained

What even is poetry? I suppose it’s for when life is too weedy and wonderful for prose. We waited a long time there in the brambles, amidst the tobacco smoke, we talked for hours. What were we on about? It didn’t matter. Together was… Continue Reading “The Distance Remained”

Little Care (Poem)

Trading tales Out there Where all else fails Little care She rests her head On a shoulder That’s long dead Yeah she’s growing older But still in circles She wheels The wreck through cycles Bursts seals dance jigs and reels Golden red Sweet neck… Continue Reading “Little Care (Poem)”

Cheap Perfume (Poem)

Barely breathin Through the incense That’s hidin The cigarettes And the mysteries of the Orient Are just histories Wrapped and bent Dropping into ashtrays Just behind the whiskey glass Rouding days Up with tallies made of grass You’re dirt My dirty cheap perfume And… Continue Reading “Cheap Perfume (Poem)”

Rapt (Poem)

There upon the minute hangs a phrase Summit of salvation Dares a finger raise Cardinal point Full of form beyond dimension Honey fountain angel lips annoint Beside the aeon In musty hall Shining ray dispels the Eidolon No more in thrall Dancing now Through… Continue Reading “Rapt (Poem)”

Checkered Shorts

So I just heard some coldplay coming form the TV… So here’s another vaguely amusing list as I drink myself to sleep…. …I dunno if these are still a thing but back in highschool (Mid oughts) I couldn’t help but notice certain patterns. Checkered… Continue Reading “Checkered Shorts”

Fatalism (Poem)

A coupla more songs And its time to die Same old fatalism Somethin like two wrongs Don’t make a try Raindrop prism Filters Same old fatalism Call it pessimism Heavy hitters Put on those tracks Follow the rails Again and A coupla more songs… Continue Reading “Fatalism (Poem)”

O Francis – (Poem)

The cherries that you bought at the super market Were almost as sweet as the fleet way that you share a cigarette In smoky whispers that decay regret O and never will I never will I cry From this moment on There is only… Continue Reading “O Francis – (Poem)”

The Harried Deadly Calm

        The smell of cheap tobacco had become my home. The cigarette dropped listlessly into the green glass ashtray. Uncanny how that thin finger could imbue dead leaves with such ennui. Thunder erupted from beyond the kitchen door. Outside a large… Continue Reading “The Harried Deadly Calm”

Crowded Souls

The feeling was headlong. It was like a vertical river rushing madly into some subterranean sea. That’s how I felt about the distance between her and I. It felt stupid. It was like I wanted to meld into the girl. The stupid stupid girl… Continue Reading “Crowded Souls”