Tag: Modernity

Is Now The Best Time To Be A Writer

The modern day certainly isn’t romantic. You need time for romance. And the modern day is all about instant access.  So, it’s no surprise that sepia hued conceptions of lone desks in sparse rooms reeking of whiskey jar with reality. And this jarring leads… Continue Reading “Is Now The Best Time To Be A Writer”

Urbock (Poem)

The tin can sat It was prosaic It was transient It was not subject for mosaic Unless one’s reaching is transparent As is mine Though uncannily my eye has glanced upon it Just in time to tow the line As a monument to transience… Continue Reading “Urbock (Poem)”

Learn to Love Uncertainty

  Learn to love uncertainty. That’s the best advice that I feel anyone can give. Especially today. Alright, so maybe not especially today since in a lot of ways today is more certain than days when you could get killed by the flu or… Continue Reading “Learn to Love Uncertainty”