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TFS 42 – Microcosmic Rambles, Germany’s Asparagus Camps, and Goths Sack Rome

  Plumbing woes have me making yet another disjointed vlog of vlogness. Herein you’ll find minutia from my life, defending the merits of Korean gals, Germany’s kinky stance on Romanian labor, discovering a Southern Yup Magazine, a random ass passage from Russell, and amateur… Continue Reading “TFS 42 – Microcosmic Rambles, Germany’s Asparagus Camps, and Goths Sack Rome”

The Saracens in Flight (Song/Poem/Guitar Idea)

Sifting round for musical ideas. Black sand shivers Dog star glimmers Sapphire silence Subtle violence The Saracens in flight Lamps are burning Sacred yearning For the ending of the light Bones are dancing turning engines (Crystalline machinery) Of the rite The Saracens in flight… Continue Reading “The Saracens in Flight (Song/Poem/Guitar Idea)”

Smooth and Balanced

Putzin around

TFS 29 – Spiders, Swaters, and Genes

Stuff 1) Perfumed Sweaters 2) The Merits of Spiders 3) Are scientists better than laymen at assessing topics outside their areas of expertise 4) Semi Musical Prattle 5) The stigma of early 20th century eugenics keeps us from analysing genetic vulnerabilities to disease 6)… Continue Reading “TFS 29 – Spiders, Swaters, and Genes”

Rick Beato Tackles YouTube Stupidity

My Two Cents: you can’t own the mixolydian scale. you can’t own a persons understanding of music. you can’t own a person’s performance of music. by this logic cover bands, and musicians playing covers in bars, are criminals. i.e. every musician is a criminal… Continue Reading “Rick Beato Tackles YouTube Stupidity”

Reaching for Content in the Spirit of Walt

  I was actually really set to record some music that I thought would be decent. But then I got muscle spasms/cramps in my arms because I am a girly man and will never be governer of California. So instead I did a shitty… Continue Reading “Reaching for Content in the Spirit of Walt”

Collapse (SongPoem)

i was waitin i was wishin for the floor to fall out from under me i was waiting yea waitin just so as i could see the pitch black sky and the the brilliant stars come to swallow me o girl o honey girl… Continue Reading “Collapse (SongPoem)”



2012 Wine, New Laptop, Some Japan Trivia, and a Tune (Vlog)

  Odds and ends ranging from a discussion of a new bit of gear that has that old bit of Malware called Windows installed. Why I’m probably going to use it for at least a year despite the excellence of the Linux desktop environment.… Continue Reading “2012 Wine, New Laptop, Some Japan Trivia, and a Tune (Vlog)”

Sweet Uncertainty (Violin, Voice, and Guitar)

The mix and render was a touch rough but yea..here’s the lyrics Ooooo oooo Sweet uncertainty Bring another gift to me Ooooo ooooo I am so loose My wings Angles obtuse So rings Sweet  Yea sweeet Yea my sweet Uncertainty   Made with FOSS… Continue Reading “Sweet Uncertainty (Violin, Voice, and Guitar)”