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Of the Wind – A Musing

I stride among pillars at dawn The magnificent sun casts their shadows across the simmering sand The hawk glides overhead Silent sacred symmetry Eternal forms amidst primordial desert Mortality, infinity, entwined Will hands arise forever to furnish this duality Or are they too mere… Continue Reading “Of the Wind – A Musing”

Beer Bad or Good, I’m Still Working, Epoch Times on Corona

  Despite being a bit panicky from overdoing it today I throw together a brief vlog. O dear, it seems my hotel stay has made go all doughy. Ah, well. It gives me something to work on during the great spazz attack of 2020.… Continue Reading “Beer Bad or Good, I’m Still Working, Epoch Times on Corona”

Held – An Essay

“Though there are many varieties of the view discussed. Utilitarianism is generally held to be the view that the morally right action is the action that produces the most good. “ – The History of Utilitarianism | The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Held. Something… Continue Reading “Held – An Essay”

Plastic Rose – The Changing Nature of Memory

Isn’t it interesting or perhaps more fittingly alarming that we have precious few markers of passage? A letter is such a finite thing. Perhaps no more finite than a tweet but certainly more tangibly finite. Because the leaf, the bit of tree, it will… Continue Reading “Plastic Rose – The Changing Nature of Memory”

Jack was always last…

“There’s nothing out there,” I said stepping across decript floorboards. They creaked in protest. “Ok,” I responded. “I guess there’s some wheat in the field. Though it’s wilted.” The wind shuffled the flies on the brick windowsill. “What? You thought they were paper airplanes?”… Continue Reading “Jack was always last…”

Rings – The Meditations of a Mortal

You. You there. Yes, you with the hair so like the leaves that autumn brings. Do you know why fall is my favorite season? It is not just the hint of chill in the air. It is because rings are made. Yes. I love… Continue Reading “Rings – The Meditations of a Mortal”

Should You E-fast?

IRL fasting has many benefits. Check out P.D. Mangan’s amazing anti-aging site for more on this. If that’s not enough. Even Jesus loves fasting. There’s some juju out there that can’t be banished any other way. Except maybe the internet. So should you go… Continue Reading “Should You E-fast?”

Blast from the Past – Right in the Feels

So, I was sat here drinking wine and trying my utmost to bang out some fiction and suddenly remembered the smell of a book. Then I recalled the smell of the resteraunt where I’d sat reading that book. Then I remembered the book itself.… Continue Reading “Blast from the Past – Right in the Feels”

The Unfamiliar (Poem)

What are you? O you distant light… What’s this difference with which you… Tantalize my sight? Is it true, What they say about the might? That it’s blue. Blue like indecision peering over a great height? The sort of hue, that doesn’t assert right.… Continue Reading “The Unfamiliar (Poem)”

One Oh One (Poem)

Drums cascade Tumbling over Heartbeats made Tumbling over Driving shade Never lower Now staccato Effervescing Now Legato Subtle dressing As field In bloom As shield Embracing gloom Rhythm All elemental Natural logarithm Living fall Expressing Thunder sun Striking dust One Oh One Email |… Continue Reading “One Oh One (Poem)”