Tag: Nature

Tactile (Poem)

There’s a lot to be said for tactile suggestion How treading leaves with rubber soles Is an eternal orientation Contextualizing roles The shoe, the man, the fall Somewhere between specificity and ambiguity Strange songs begin to call Like myriad birds Flitting in their season… Continue Reading “Tactile (Poem)”

One Oh One (Poem)

Drums cascade Tumbling over Heartbeats made Tumbling over Driving shade Never lower Now staccato Effervescing Now Legato Subtle dressing As field In bloom As shield Embracing gloom Rhythm All elemental Natural logarithm Living fall Expressing Thunder sun Striking dust One Oh One Email |… Continue Reading “One Oh One (Poem)”

The Prosaic Wall – Part One (Short Story)

I suppose that given my choice of title you are going to assume that this’ll be some sort of symbol-laden existential pontification. Hate to disappoint but today’s story is short on that sort of trendy ennui. The wall is not some hardly clever Floydian… Continue Reading “The Prosaic Wall – Part One (Short Story)”