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Absolute Truths – Two – The Curmudgeoning

1) A bottle of wine is never enough 2) Isms are cancer 3) I am an island 4) Don’t to that 5) Or the other 6) If you run barefoot in the rain with a blonde idiot you’re likely going to have to justify… Continue Reading “Absolute Truths – Two – The Curmudgeoning”

Ridiculous Thoughts Whilst…

Driving 1) It’s a fast lane not a speeding lane. If you keep tailgaiting I’m goin to follow you home tie you to a kitchen chair and force you to watch The Price is Right till you die. Clockwork Orange style. 2) I was… Continue Reading “Ridiculous Thoughts Whilst…”

Ridiculous Thoughts Whilst…

Weightlifting 1) My one purpose in life is to destroy my enemies. Everyone is my enemy. 2) I will crush you. 3) I’m going to eat a moose. 4) I need to poop. I need to poop for days. I need to poop for… Continue Reading “Ridiculous Thoughts Whilst…”

Weird Weir’s Guide to Stoner Rock

  I’m bored, and tired, and avoiding research…so I’m listening to Stoned Meadow of Doom…which…ok I’m gonna…I gotta…here we gooooo………….! Vaguely Ominous Geometric Patterns Words like silent, luminous, orb, pillars, equinox Slide guitar, pentatonic scales, microtones Wear a fez Solemnly mutter adjective heavy things… Continue Reading “Weird Weir’s Guide to Stoner Rock”