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Blast from the Past – Right in the Feels

So, I was sat here drinking wine and trying my utmost to bang out some fiction and suddenly remembered the smell of a book. Then I recalled the smell of the resteraunt where I’d sat reading that book. Then I remembered the book itself.… Continue Reading “Blast from the Past – Right in the Feels”

Why So Many Remakes? (Vlog)

When investors want a sure thing and artists no longer have a strong cultural foundation originality dies. Subscribe To My Music/Freeflow channel here: Alex Weir Youtube Call me an idiot here: http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow Or here: mellow.mission.productions@gmail.com Support This Here http://www.subscribestar.com/TFJ Or Via Paypal

Chipping Paint

Small southern towns that bake beneath a low hanging sun. If you’ve seen them all then you haven’t seen any. Did you ever sit under Magnolia blossoms, next to a jar of crickets, as your friend’s sister twirled on a tireswing. A tireswing that… Continue Reading “Chipping Paint”

1982 – The Button – Doodle n’ Skit

John: But what? Gus: But what, what? John: What does it do? Gus: It’s the button… John: I can see that. Gus: It’s not that… but the… John: ‘The’ what?  Gus: The button. Yea. It’s not the height of wit but I had fun doodling it out.… Continue Reading “1982 – The Button – Doodle n’ Skit”

Post. Grunge. Punks. – Metal Illness (Webcomic)

Don’t get it twist…this is a most grim and frostbitten issue, just look at the advanced stages of this disease: