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Plinth – A Night Drive Story – Creepypasta Original

Hey, everybody sorry for the huge lag in uploads. Life is life as the Laibach song goes. My schedule is all topsy turvy, night is day, day is night, and I’m still in a bloody hotel. Whinging aside I’m rather happy to bring you… Continue Reading “Plinth – A Night Drive Story – Creepypasta Original”

The Cottage – Part Four – (Short Story)

“You’d better get used to opening them ears.” An all too familiar voice chirped. Jim started violently. He ashed his jeans with spent tobacco and cursed aloud as hot coffee singed his hand. Clad in a dusty grey-green dress with her torso wrapped in… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Four – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part One – (Short Story)

Appalachia spreads itself in grey and green a few hundred miles inland of the Atlantic. Its mountains, caves, lakes, and fields are a delight. It is a garden. It is a temple. It is where Jim found himself that summer. His uncle who went… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part One – (Short Story)”

Delivery – Short Story

Band stickers, college parking passes, crumpled bits of fast food wrappers… ‘Good.’ I was relieved. “One more minute and I woulda left without you.” The driver joked. “It’s not as bad as it seems…by the looks of the cars…they’re just students…who probably rented the… Continue Reading “Delivery – Short Story”

Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car! (Creepypasta Sorta) – Part I

  An original story I just made up as I sat here in front of the microphone. I was hoping to get some Halloween spooky stuff done (on or by Halloween) but life happened. This idea had been milling about in my head and… Continue Reading “Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car! (Creepypasta Sorta) – Part I”

She Sells Seahells – Part IV – Solomon’s Gift (Original Story)

  “Well that there along the side…you see it…the sort of interlocking thing…yes…” I said running my finger along the edge. “That is the tree of life – the world tree…”   “Like in the Bible.”   “Somewhat..though this is a Yakut story likely… Continue Reading “She Sells Seahells – Part IV – Solomon’s Gift (Original Story)”