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Great Heart (Poem)

If you help somebody It’s an accident Cause the world is bloody Never learn from precedent It pulses and beats In hollers and heats Life flows down streets Aorta greets Whatever passes ‘long Takes it through Circulation washes right or wrong You were there… Continue Reading “Great Heart (Poem)”

No Way To Last (Poem)

Yea. I’m constantly wired. Yea. I’m hardly tired. Yea. It’s hard to the nth degree. Yea. This stream so fierce so free. Yea. Watch it hurtle me. Yea. Blur is all I see. Woah. Electronic. Woah. Pornographic. Woah. Everywhere. Woah. At once here and… Continue Reading “No Way To Last (Poem)”

‘Daily’ Poem # 6 – Synesthesia

There is a word that says all things of course If you want to hear it you must learn to see That see is waves and waves are sound and source Such sight comes as pulses of  light’s subtle symmetry If now is then… Continue Reading “‘Daily’ Poem # 6 – Synesthesia”

Daily Poem # 4 – Fire and Seed

Empty smell I sit among it Wholesome well Leaves are scattered lit By sun holy sun wholly shining through a million cracks There was once a water wheel In this place by the rusted tracks Fire and seed They carried forth what survived of… Continue Reading “Daily Poem # 4 – Fire and Seed”