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Hanging with Cecilia – Moody Piano Impromptu and Poem

There’s a wee spider beneath my keyboard… so I’m… Hanging With Cecilia… Lady Cecilia Meenor Spider spun her silken web Lady Cecilia Meenor Spider controlled the flow and ebb Of the weird ocean known as time Even though lady Cecilia Meenor Spider was no… Continue Reading “Hanging with Cecilia – Moody Piano Impromptu and Poem”

Bach and ‘Mental Hygiene’ (Vlog)

I made a vlog about how you can use Bach to tidy up your brain and prepare you for practice. There’s also some brief discussion of the value of classical imagery versus ‘meme-ish’ caricatures. Don’t get me wrong I do love my memes. But… Continue Reading “Bach and ‘Mental Hygiene’ (Vlog)”