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Is It The Medium?

Do you find yourself hating everything the web (read Podcasts/YouTube) has to offer? i hunger (for topshelf liquor – 1st world problems are still problems!) – paypal.me/fractalforce

Fractal Briefs | Silicon Valley is not Intellectual

Topics – Technicians are not intellectuals – Technocrats are not elite (using prebuilt tools isn’t special) – Using technology to enforce worldviews is douchy – What is an intellectual – How credentialism and materialism rot brains and cultures – You need to repeat good… Continue Reading “Fractal Briefs | Silicon Valley is not Intellectual”

Fractal Radio – Episode One (Podcast Thing)

Got my mic fixed. So I did a podcasty thing. Topics Music Artsy Fartsy Money Decisions Linux Etc.

TAP # 9 – Intermittent Fasting and Loop Control

I get loopy. Talking about syncing up your steering wheel with your gas pedal. These are sites that I consider to be fairly well sourced and reliable: That doesn’t mean I agree with or endorse everything they say. Simply that they are a good… Continue Reading “TAP # 9 – Intermittent Fasting and Loop Control”

The DOD’s Position on your Beerbelly

                                                                                        … Continue Reading “The DOD’s Position on your Beerbelly”