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ia Ra (Poem and Song)

Poem Song – I’m the paleolithic hunter Imagination of the sun And I run And I run And I run through the air and the ether and the atmosphere The flame you become Tells I am near Lonesome is a fantasy Presence is reality… Continue Reading “ia Ra (Poem and Song)”

Daily Poem # 4 – Skip Barber Died (Song?)

  Straight from the tone-deaf arythmic brainhole of the Indie Yard Brigade. When all the Skip Barbers were gone There remained just one sad song When all the Skip Barbers were gone There was just one ring a ringing song And it sang and… Continue Reading “Daily Poem # 4 – Skip Barber Died (Song?)”

Urbock (Poem)

The tin can sat It was prosaic It was transient It was not subject for mosaic Unless one’s reaching is transparent As is mine Though uncannily my eye has glanced upon it Just in time to tow the line As a monument to transience… Continue Reading “Urbock (Poem)”