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Great Heart (Poem)

If you help somebody It’s an accident Cause the world is bloody Never learn from precedent It pulses and beats In hollers and heats Life flows down streets Aorta greets Whatever passes ‘long Takes it through Circulation washes right or wrong You were there… Continue Reading “Great Heart (Poem)”

Stumble Schmaltz (Song)

        Wasted days and golden rays of sunshine When will I rise and tow the drowning line Long blonde hair Wicker chair And Summer wine This malaise The milieu It won’t be fine Wasted days and golden rays of sunshine Dew… Continue Reading “Stumble Schmaltz (Song)”

The Unfamiliar (Poem)

What are you? O you distant light… What’s this difference with which you… Tantalize my sight? Is it true, What they say about the might? That it’s blue. Blue like indecision peering over a great height? The sort of hue, that doesn’t assert right.… Continue Reading “The Unfamiliar (Poem)”

One Oh One (Poem)

Drums cascade Tumbling over Heartbeats made Tumbling over Driving shade Never lower Now staccato Effervescing Now Legato Subtle dressing As field In bloom As shield Embracing gloom Rhythm All elemental Natural logarithm Living fall Expressing Thunder sun Striking dust One Oh One Email |… Continue Reading “One Oh One (Poem)”

Garden Walls (Guitar and Voice)

Impromptu poem and voice. Email | mellow.mission.productions@gmail.com Minds | http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow SubscribeStar | (Under Construction) http://www.subscribestar.com/TFJ

Speaking Greek (Poem)

  Garden walls Blooming wells Dancing halls Myriad hells Gaffes on Dreher Dead eyed stare The sorts that disappear Static glare Woodpanneled and antique You look pretty on the stair I may as well be speaking Greek Yea, I live there Selling metros to… Continue Reading “Speaking Greek (Poem)”

The Dos and Dont’s (Poem and Song)

    The dos and dont’s The was and wont’s The fronts The rears The wars The years  O it was just a phase  That’s what they’d  say Funny turn of phrase  Just one of those days Yeah my son o son my son… Continue Reading “The Dos and Dont’s (Poem and Song)”

Soma -|- Poem

May he peck the eyes Of him who pecks The Eye Great River! Anoint me with a shroud of flies! As Feed I am set free Gift to the soil Oh with what a sight I see There is no toil No strain for… Continue Reading “Soma -|- Poem”

Mule – (Poem)

I don’t want to hear  your reasons I don’t want to hear disdain for rhymes Ah the changing of the seasons… Ah the sterile little monkeys Would mate the brood mare With the donkeys Blank stare What hath thou wrought But plastic things That… Continue Reading “Mule – (Poem)”

SIGHT (Poem)

Serious so serious You are all so serious Everything is lead Mysterious yes mysterious So mysterious and dead Without gravity Pomp and circumstance How would longevity Grace your arrogance You call us fools You call us clowns We are but tools To be herded… Continue Reading “SIGHT (Poem)”