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Great Heart (Poem)

If you help somebody It’s an accident Cause the world is bloody Never learn from precedent It pulses and beats In hollers and heats Life flows down streets Aorta greets Whatever passes ‘long Takes it through Circulation washes right or wrong You were there… Continue Reading “Great Heart (Poem)”

No Way To Last (Poem)

Yea. I’m constantly wired. Yea. I’m hardly tired. Yea. It’s hard to the nth degree. Yea. This stream so fierce so free. Yea. Watch it hurtle me. Yea. Blur is all I see. Woah. Electronic. Woah. Pornographic. Woah. Everywhere. Woah. At once here and… Continue Reading “No Way To Last (Poem)”

Eyes on the East (Poem)

O you voices of wonder…. Pour out your splendour ! All through the hills… O sweet and tender! Reedy and ready… How the wind fills! Various yet steady… Eyes on the East! Shine stars o shine… From greatest to least! All down the line…… Continue Reading “Eyes on the East (Poem)”

What I Mean (Poem)

You’re harshin my mellow baby I don’t feel your vibe You’re always maybe That just ain’t my tribe Well so If you don’t dig it You can go I ain’t gotta fit This ain’t no show Why There’s no reason That you can’t try… Continue Reading “What I Mean (Poem)”

Daily Poem 3 – Alchemist’s Lament

They want magic to come from  unknown places As soon as the source is revealed There’s a frown on their faces Why! They collectively squealed. I could have done that! There’s no wonder For I too have a rabbit and hat Which leaves all… Continue Reading “Daily Poem 3 – Alchemist’s Lament”

Again Again (Original Lyrics and Song Demo)

The result of a brief little jam session I was able to squeeze in last night. I made it on the fly and just now wrote down the lyrics for those who prefer poems to songs. DAW (i guess it’s a DAW) – Audacity… Continue Reading “Again Again (Original Lyrics and Song Demo)”

Drink the Wine (Poem and Song)

So you’ve got some wine and you’ve got some time But you just won’t drink it in Cause you’re always waiting for some dream to begin Yea excuse you need an excuse for each and every use Cause tasting grapes for the sake of… Continue Reading “Drink the Wine (Poem and Song)”

Miles From October (Super Rough Song Version)

Many of my poems start as little tunes I come up with to a simple chordy background. On January 12th I dedicated my book The Sketch of Sam Monroe to Terrence McKenna. I had no idea that Dennis McKenna would be on the Joe… Continue Reading “Miles From October (Super Rough Song Version)”

Miles from October (Poem)

    I’m so terribly sober Bone dry and miles from October Baking in the southern air Out here where the summers stare One by one they are aligned And their weapons are inclined In morbid array Pointing out the end of day Day… Continue Reading “Miles from October (Poem)”

This Strange Magic (Poem)

    This strange magic The dream remains Ah, to range through spells and mazes Sights that dazzle though mundane Meeting the eye that never glazes So, it’s So, and So… Keep the watch The flame of sight Don’t twist don’t stretch Realize the… Continue Reading “This Strange Magic (Poem)”