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Fractal Radio | Episode 30 – Dusty Pens and Blank Pages

  Don’t rely on technology to overcome your laziness. A nicer pen and notebook will gather dust just the same as your BIC and that yellow legal pad. These are the things I discuss along with the frustration of coincidences involving hats. Dank Classics… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 30 – Dusty Pens and Blank Pages”

Origin of ‘The War Witch’ (Vlog)

A brief and sleepy recounting of the dream that sparked a recent story I wrote. Dreams are interesting things and are often the perfect catalyst for creativity. The fun part is getting from a vague notion to a coherent narrative. A process I’ll likely… Continue Reading “Origin of ‘The War Witch’ (Vlog)”

Process Ramble + Why Care About Water (Vlog)

Just a quickie vlog on satisfaction, the creative process, and trying to find a succinct way to frame the importance of a critical topic. Check out the Fractal Journal: https://fractaljournal.com For stories, webcomics, essays, and more. New uploads on TFJ every Tuesday and Thursday… Continue Reading “Process Ramble + Why Care About Water (Vlog)”