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TFS 55 – Committing to the Noir; Propaganda; and ‘What is Education?’

  A bit of a ramble on things mentioned in the title. If this leaves you bored I also just wrote a poem: https://fractaljournal.com/2020/05/14/the-long-thunder-poem/

Romania TVee and Eastern European SJWs – A Study in Whinge

The Whinge: “In georgia we had anty communist, anty russian goverment in 2003-2012. they remooved EVERY communist celebration day, to destroy affiliation with kremlin culture. They also reformed 1-5 note systems in scool. Even changed amount of classes in scools. It sounds weird, but… Continue Reading “Romania TVee and Eastern European SJWs – A Study in Whinge”

Putin Hatred

Left: Wenher Von Braun – American | Right: Nazi Scum Every once in a while I stumble across some comment calling Putin a: “KGB Thug!”.  Today, a thought I feel worth sharing occurred to me as I once again stumbled across this fragrantly ‘woke’… Continue Reading “Putin Hatred”

Sensationalism Buries Flint and Hampers Environmentalism (Vlog)

    Zoologists and climatologists have challenged the narrative portrayed by the new Netflix documentary ‘Our Planet.’ This documentary tied walruses jumping to their deaths to global warming without giving due consideration to alternative explanations. This very much seems to be a case of… Continue Reading “Sensationalism Buries Flint and Hampers Environmentalism (Vlog)”