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The Importance of Principle

“All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Is a rather famous aphorism. But how do you know that you are a good man? How do you know what you should do? I use this aphorism and… Continue Reading “The Importance of Principle”

Rhetoric vs Reality – My Media Philosophy (Vlog)

I’m basically shadowboxing Steven Crowder to make my points about public discourse. Please take my points with a grain of salt and watch Steven’s videos to form your own opinion. Not trying to be patronizing by stating the obvious. I just want it understood… Continue Reading “Rhetoric vs Reality – My Media Philosophy (Vlog)”

More than a Right

Free speech is life. Allow me to elaborate. Breathing is not considered a right. It’s not considered in the same category as rights, privileges, and all the myriad distinctions thereof. No. Even prisoners and slaves are unquestionably reserved the right to draw air. Certainly,… Continue Reading “More than a Right”

‘Murica Month| Speechcraft + 1776 (Vlog)

A brief vlog discussing the importance of skilled oratory for every citizen of a democratic republic. June is ‘Murica month on Mellow Mission Productions. I’ll be reading up on all things Locke, Washington, 1776, and Murica. Videos and essays are forthcoming. |Reading List |… Continue Reading “‘Murica Month| Speechcraft + 1776 (Vlog)”

Trump is the Future (Vlog)

…of discourse. Since today’s issues are really nuanced and we now have a technology that allows for instant international communication… Maybe its time to start getting policymakers to explain ideas and gain insight from constituents in real time. Maybe Trump is right. Social Media|… Continue Reading “Trump is the Future (Vlog)”

The Schlossberg Fractal

I run a website called The Fractal Journal. So I tend to see things fractally. Everyone does. Because everyone understands that no action occurs in a vaccum and is thus inherently multifaceted. There’s a New York attorney called Aaron Schlossberg who was recently the… Continue Reading “The Schlossberg Fractal”

A Good Sign?

The video below comes from ‘The Knife Media’ which seems to be taking a step in the right direction. They use a fairly good grasp of logical fallacies to point out the misleading tactics of big media companies and influential personalities. Their journalistic chops… Continue Reading “A Good Sign?”

TFJ Vlogs – DOPE! – Stop Saying Dopamine…

One of the biggest problems in society is oversimplification. With better tech and more information we’re doing it more and quicker than ever before – with ‘sciencey’ words like ‘Dopamine.’ While Dopamine is a real neurotransmitter, the way that it’s implicated in absolutely everything… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs – DOPE! – Stop Saying Dopamine…”

TFJ Vlogs – Vero Nihil Verius – Ten Commandments of Philosophy

Nothing truer than the truth. I was in a philosophical mood after writing this little essay: https://fractaljournal.com/2018/02/21/tfjs-philosophy-and-method-series-generalities-and-specifics/ Which led me to recall… An excerpt from an introductory philosophy textbook of yore. Ten Commandments of Philosophy 1. Allow the spirit of wonder to flourish in… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs – Vero Nihil Verius – Ten Commandments of Philosophy”

TFJ’s – Philosophy and Method Series – Generalities and Specifics

  TFJ’s Philosophy and Method Introduction Hello world! I’m launching a series that’s kinda philosophical in nature. Feels a bit pompous to say that but that really is it: a feeflowing foray into methods and philosophies and what they can teach us about the… Continue Reading “TFJ’s – Philosophy and Method Series – Generalities and Specifics”