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Rick Beato Tackles YouTube Stupidity

My Two Cents: you can’t own the mixolydian scale. you can’t own a persons understanding of music. you can’t own a person’s performance of music. by this logic cover bands, and musicians playing covers in bars, are criminals. i.e. every musician is a criminal… Continue Reading “Rick Beato Tackles YouTube Stupidity”

Leave the new Heart by the Door – The Wacky World of UPS

(Warning – Much Cussing and Kvetching Ahead with Bawdy Jokes Thrown In like Filthy Garnish) Today we are going to ask the deep questions. The philosophical questions. Questions regarding the truly esoteric and rarefied. Questions like: Do you want the same company that delivers… Continue Reading “Leave the new Heart by the Door – The Wacky World of UPS”