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National Small Man Complex – Romania

  Wow, the surprising factoid about Putin’s capitulation to Islam had me hungry to learn more unexpected facts about my country of origin! Unfortunately, Romanian edge-lord ‘Freedom Alternative’ failed to deliver. I’ve come away from round two of his ‘Russia is Not Great’ miniseries…even… Continue Reading “National Small Man Complex – Romania”

Called It

So, I’m currently holding the wee bit of left bollock that  hasn’t retreated up my abdomen with the rest of the kit. A feat courtesy of  hearing that my shift starts at 4:15 AM. As such I can’t bring you the regularly scheduled joy… Continue Reading “Called It”

TFS 38 – Defending David Paulides

Ugh, can’t get a handle on Premiere Pro. Not only is it mono again…but the graphics look like shite. (Been using Kdenlive thus far. And will use both in future.) Today I take on: ‘the skeptic’s perspective’ on David Paulides‘ investigations of mysterious disappearances… Continue Reading “TFS 38 – Defending David Paulides”

TFS 36 – Why I Cycle, NYT Teaches us to Edit, and Huuge UFOs

  LOL. Recorded this yesterday. Shoulda made my shitty guitar jam background music quieter. The title is essential the topic sequence. Yeeha. I dunno if I’m gonna be able to make another today. So, this may be all I have to offer till tommorow.… Continue Reading “TFS 36 – Why I Cycle, NYT Teaches us to Edit, and Huuge UFOs”

and NOW they care about health or Should Walruses Vote

In my area, we’re still allowed outside so I went for a bike ride. Need it to help me fall asleep since I gotta get up at 4 am. Some fatty suburbanite hausfrau slapped her wrist at me and a tub of lard soccer… Continue Reading “and NOW they care about health or Should Walruses Vote”

Rick Beato Tackles YouTube Stupidity

My Two Cents: you can’t own the mixolydian scale. you can’t own a persons understanding of music. you can’t own a person’s performance of music. by this logic cover bands, and musicians playing covers in bars, are criminals. i.e. every musician is a criminal… Continue Reading “Rick Beato Tackles YouTube Stupidity”

Grinch on Parade (Profanity Warning)

I don’t approve of parades. Bah humbug. Forgot I had this can of piss and vinegar sitting on my hardrive. Enjoy.

Reaching for Content in the Spirit of Walt

  I was actually really set to record some music that I thought would be decent. But then I got muscle spasms/cramps in my arms because I am a girly man and will never be governer of California. So instead I did a shitty… Continue Reading “Reaching for Content in the Spirit of Walt”


I will never cease to be baffled by the pride that a good chunk of humanity seems to take in submitting to preistcraft. By preistcraft I do not necessarily mean religion. In this broadened definition I include many ideologies and yes…among them I dare… Continue Reading “Preistcraft”

Leave the new Heart by the Door – The Wacky World of UPS

(Warning – Much Cussing and Kvetching Ahead with Bawdy Jokes Thrown In like Filthy Garnish) Today we are going to ask the deep questions. The philosophical questions. Questions regarding the truly esoteric and rarefied. Questions like: Do you want the same company that delivers… Continue Reading “Leave the new Heart by the Door – The Wacky World of UPS”