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Soil – A Poetic Notion

Death is my Religion Death is my sacred Mother Death is the vehicle by which my soul traverses the heavens She is no macabre fancy But a perfumed blossom When I was a boy I dreamed of a rotting woman in an upper room…

TFS 27 – Stoics, Cynics, and Heroics

A cheeky romp through pungent fields of self important bullshit. Diagnosis: It’s a bargain bin replacement for religion. Le Articles De Discotheque https://eidolon.pub/why-is-stoicism-having-a-cultural-moment-5f0e9963d560  

Exploring Russell’s “The History of Western Philosophy” – A First Glance at the Introduction

I give some commentary on the introduction to Lord Russell’s “The History of Western Philosophy.” I am rather pressed for time as my work schedule has me waking up at one AM; and although it’s a Saturday I must make it to the pub…