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TFS 51 – October Faction and The Epoch Times on the ‘CCP Virus’

I talk about an unfairly maligned bit of wackiness called October Faction and discuss an otherwise decent publications rather overzealous critique of China/CCP. paypal.me/fractalforce

TFS 36 – Why I Cycle, NYT Teaches us to Edit, and Huuge UFOs

  LOL. Recorded this yesterday. Shoulda made my shitty guitar jam background music quieter. The title is essential the topic sequence. Yeeha. I dunno if I’m gonna be able to make another today. So, this may be all I have to offer till tommorow….

Saturday Morning Musings – Is ‘Pitch Culture’ gonna improve Novels?

Saturdays often find me gathering strength for the coming week.  They are often as productive as any other day but their charm lies in that they don’t have to be. So I sit here giving my eyes a rest, nearly blind without my contacts,…

Fractal Radio| Episode 5 – Return of the Native (NYM Article) – Review/Opinion

This came out a bit dry.. but I was able to hit across most of the points I wanted to make. The piece in question appears in the August 20, 2018 issue of The New Yorker. It is written by an English expatriate/repatriate who…