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Buried (Story Teaser)

There aren’t too many frontiers. If you gaze up you see the stars. That’s one of three scratched off the list. The other is in your head. It is the impenetrable virgin wilderness called consciousness. Which will remain forever chaste.  The heavens do not… Continue Reading “Buried (Story Teaser)”

Amthlynam (Short Story)

Notre Dame, Big Ben, the Sistene chapel. These are known marvels. But what of those that crumbled into dust? Centuries of soil at times wild with trees at times green with pasture shroud their memory. Alternating patchworks of increase and decline are the lily’s… Continue Reading “Amthlynam (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Eleven – (Short Story)

There was a sound as if something were in flight. Intermittent static, strange gurgling, and rasping titters sent quick sharp almost painful shivers up his spine. Jim felt nauseous. Then like waking from a bad dream he heard the first bars of “Something.” “What… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Eleven – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Ten – (Short Story)

Afternoon found him stiff limbed and groggy. Jim reengaged the safety and set the twelve gauge gingerly on the wood panel floor. It was stupid to sleep with a loaded and ready weapon. It hurt a bit. He could stand to be a fool… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Ten – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Eight – (Short Story)

It was true. Lizzy might be right in calling him a fool. But he wasn’t stupid. He was not about to venture into the yawning depths. The fact that the Maglite beam was consumed by darkness, that it did not find a wall. This… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Eight – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Seven – (Short Story)

The basement was impossible to open from the outside. It was as stealthy an aperture as the access in the kitchen. Presenting itself as nothing but a flat slightly raised patch of wild grass. ‘I just don’t get this place.’ Jim shook his head… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Seven – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Three – (Short Story)

  Jim looked at the manila envelope on the coffee table. In large, neat, red letters done up calligraphy style the envelope carried a message, “Read Now. Read Careful. Read again.” He undid the flat diverging fastening pin. And instantly regretted it. There were… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Three – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Two – (Short Story)

Jim had never seen stars that bright before. In a sky as clean and clear as the angles of his uncle’s cabin. They hung silent. They hung cold. “It’s chilly up here.” He remarked. “That’s the damp settin in.” “Well then I’d best be… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Two – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part One – (Short Story)

Appalachia spreads itself in grey and green a few hundred miles inland of the Atlantic. Its mountains, caves, lakes, and fields are a delight. It is a garden. It is a temple. It is where Jim found himself that summer. His uncle who went… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part One – (Short Story)”

The Prosaic Wall (Full Story Link)

Due to my schedule I have to write things in sections to keep a steady output. I know that some people prefer reading a story in full on one page. So I’ve made that possible. Click on my patrydork link to read my recent… Continue Reading “The Prosaic Wall (Full Story Link)”