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The Prosaic Wall – Part Three – Finale

‘Not good.’ What was I going to do? These folks were bold. They’d hopped the wall. An action which in light of their recent conversation lent a truly sinister impression. The good thing was they weren’t walking up the length of the wall. If… Continue Reading “The Prosaic Wall – Part Three – Finale”

The Prosaic Wall – Part Two (Short Story)

      “Isn’t a bit early for that…” I grumbled aloud at the strong cigarette odor that had roused me from the haze of sleep. It was then that I realized the bed I occupied wasn’t a fold-out couch in a grungy little… Continue Reading “The Prosaic Wall – Part Two (Short Story)”

The Prosaic Wall – Part One (Short Story)

I suppose that given my choice of title you are going to assume that this’ll be some sort of symbol-laden existential pontification. Hate to disappoint but today’s story is short on that sort of trendy ennui. The wall is not some hardly clever Floydian… Continue Reading “The Prosaic Wall – Part One (Short Story)”

The Harried Deadly Calm

        The smell of cheap tobacco had become my home. The cigarette dropped listlessly into the green glass ashtray. Uncanny how that thin finger could imbue dead leaves with such ennui. Thunder erupted from beyond the kitchen door. Outside a large… Continue Reading “The Harried Deadly Calm”

The King of Bohemia (Short Story)

The room was large with a staircase leading to an indoor balcony directly ahead of me. The crowd that milled about seemed enthused with giddy expectation. I was uncertain about what this place was or why I was here. The floors were marble. The… Continue Reading “The King of Bohemia (Short Story)”