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The Cottage – Part Six – (Short Story)

As the week wore on Jim grew comfortable. His initial carelessness returned. He rambled in the woods, feasted on his uncle’s ample supply of venison, and drank much whiskey. Thursday came and Thursday went and there were no consequences. His Yankee pallor disappeared. He… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Six – (Short Story)”

French Words

“What’s the use of passion?” “That’s not my forte in the first place.” “Oh, I like that word forte…it sounds French.” “Probably.” “Do you know any more French words?” “Sure.” “Like what?” “Blasé.” “O that one’s nice. What’s it mean?” “It’s the face you’re… Continue Reading “French Words”

The War Witch (Short Story)

It was a humid evening amid the pines. What’s worse, the approaching night carried fog in its wake. Certainly, a wake would soon be needed. We were in the tall grass. Cradling the cruel black adonized purpose of our automatic rifles as if they… Continue Reading “The War Witch (Short Story)”