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S***** Orientation

  So this is YouTube’s New Rules…. They censored the word sexual. That’s pretty gay. Orientation is fine though? Is it to protect the children? Cause orientation is going to cause less questions from little Johnny? Or is it cause the act of sexually… Continue Reading “S***** Orientation”

The Power of Internet (Vlog)

Topics Discussed Facebook turns down Brian Acton in 2009 Don’t let rejection get you down Alt-Tech The purpose/value of social media Take responsibility for how you use technology Credentialism is bad Essays, Ebooks, Comics, and More | http://www.fractaljournal.com Social Media| http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow Beer ain’t free|… Continue Reading “The Power of Internet (Vlog)”

‘Murica Month| Speechcraft + 1776 (Vlog)

A brief vlog discussing the importance of skilled oratory for every citizen of a democratic republic. June is ‘Murica month on Mellow Mission Productions. I’ll be reading up on all things Locke, Washington, 1776, and Murica. Videos and essays are forthcoming. |Reading List |… Continue Reading “‘Murica Month| Speechcraft + 1776 (Vlog)”

Trump is the Future (Vlog)

…of discourse. Since today’s issues are really nuanced and we now have a technology that allows for instant international communication… Maybe its time to start getting policymakers to explain ideas and gain insight from constituents in real time. Maybe Trump is right. Social Media|… Continue Reading “Trump is the Future (Vlog)”

The Schlossberg Fractal (Vlog Version)

For those who have already read the article version: this is basically a video recap of the main themes. The only new information is a story from my high school days about how a kid shared an unpopular (and sadly true) opinion about the… Continue Reading “The Schlossberg Fractal (Vlog Version)”

Why I Don’ t Facebook

O dear, it’s happened again, someone asked me if I Facebook… There is a now ancient video of Michael Crichton sitting in with a panel of sci-fi writers discussing the state of that industry. During that discussion he brings up how the increasing presence… Continue Reading “Why I Don’ t Facebook”