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Garden Walls (Guitar and Voice)

Impromptu poem and voice. Email | mellow.mission.productions@gmail.com Minds | http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow SubscribeStar | (Under Construction) http://www.subscribestar.com/TFJ

Again Again (Original Lyrics and Song Demo)

The result of a brief little jam session I was able to squeeze in last night. I made it on the fly and just now wrote down the lyrics for those who prefer poems to songs. DAW (i guess it’s a DAW) – Audacity… Continue Reading “Again Again (Original Lyrics and Song Demo)”

Drink the Wine (Poem and Song)

So you’ve got some wine and you’ve got some time But you just won’t drink it in Cause you’re always waiting for some dream to begin Yea excuse you need an excuse for each and every use Cause tasting grapes for the sake of… Continue Reading “Drink the Wine (Poem and Song)”

Transmission (Demo)

Seems I’m channeling my inner Weegy in that trv kvlt frame on the top right there… I’m having technical difficulties and so to blend parts I had to use Kdenlive instead of Ardour. I guess everything has a silver lining since I can show… Continue Reading “Transmission (Demo)”

Delight, Delight (Demo)

  I came up with the main lyrical idea years ago. Round 2011 or so while on a hike. Apologies for the strained vocals. I’m not a natural singer and it takes some serious concentration to do the dirty deed. As such it does… Continue Reading “Delight, Delight (Demo)”

Mirror Pond Demo

A clumsy song about aging.

Without a Name (‘Song’)

Or rather an amateur attempt to set a poem to music.