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The Cottage – Part Thirteen – (Short Story)

Pain, fatigue, and cold screamed through every sinew. He raised himself by the elbow wincing at the sensation of rough stone on that tender joint. It was absolutely pitch black. If he were any less than completely exhausted, he would have panicked. Holding his… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Thirteen – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Ten – (Short Story)

Afternoon found him stiff limbed and groggy. Jim reengaged the safety and set the twelve gauge gingerly on the wood panel floor. It was stupid to sleep with a loaded and ready weapon. It hurt a bit. He could stand to be a fool… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Ten – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Nine – (Short Story)

His eye fell on the neat red script. He should probably read the contents. Maybe they’d offer up some clue as to the identity of his furtive visitors. Then he remembered the meandering sentences, the puerile mysticism, the Talmudic dryness. He could not bring… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Nine – (Short Story)”

Delivery – Short Story

Band stickers, college parking passes, crumpled bits of fast food wrappers… ‘Good.’ I was relieved. “One more minute and I woulda left without you.” The driver joked. “It’s not as bad as it seems…by the looks of the cars…they’re just students…who probably rented the… Continue Reading “Delivery – Short Story”

Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car! (Creepypasta Sorta) – Part I

  An original story I just made up as I sat here in front of the microphone. I was hoping to get some Halloween spooky stuff done (on or by Halloween) but life happened. This idea had been milling about in my head and… Continue Reading “Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car! (Creepypasta Sorta) – Part I”

She Sells Seahells – Part V – The Contemplation of God

As we proceeded topside Harris chuckled. “That was a mighty fine speech you gave. You should have taken on the cloth.” “I do not fancy my fathers profession.” “A nice parish in the country? That is not favorable to scurvy and the sword?” “The… Continue Reading “She Sells Seahells – Part V – The Contemplation of God”

Announcing – The Strange Life of Artemus Foe (Again..)

So, I have decided to pursue this steampunk webcomic idea. Which is explained in a voicememo/youtube video below. I know I already introduced it but here’s some more concept art! If you can call it art. Concept doodles…but I had a blast…look forward to… Continue Reading “Announcing – The Strange Life of Artemus Foe (Again..)”

Cannon (Short Essay)

Boom! It was reverberant. The ground shook. We did not. Eyes locked on the flag, straight thumbs aligned with curled knuckles, we were confident mannequins rooted to the humid soil. Rooted. Yes the grass, the little green blades damp with Carolina dew, its roots… Continue Reading “Cannon (Short Essay)”

TFJ Vlogs – Mr. Vesterby and the Elvish Dreamer – Impromptu Story

I decided to make up a story on the go during my drive back home from work. I think it came out ‘ok’ with its chief strength being atmospherics. There did seem to be a bit of unconscious plagiarism in the borrowing of elements… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs – Mr. Vesterby and the Elvish Dreamer – Impromptu Story”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 1.6 – ‘Is there anybody out there…’

1.1  Sketch of Sam Monroe 1.2 The Cajun Prayer 1.3 The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter One: The Cambridge Gable Scene (‘Gator is Waitin’) 1.4 The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 1.4 – The Cambridge Gable Scene – (Horticulture) 1.5 The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 1.6 – ‘Is there anybody out there…’”