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Pain au Chocolat, Dummy Neuroscientist, and Yuppie Toilets

I go through an article and prattle about variousness. Dummy Neuroscientist – https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/08/cortical-adrenal-orchestra/496679/ Toilets for Yups – https://washlet.totousa.com/index.php

Beware the Boffins – MechaShiva Rides MechaGanesh (Vlog)

The Atlantic gives us the skinny on some DARPA shenanigans. Shenanigans like so: During the Vietnam War, DARPA tried to build a Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine, a jungle vehicle that officials called a “mechanical elephant.” MechaGanesh… to be ridden by…. “Let’s say I gave you… Continue Reading “Beware the Boffins – MechaShiva Rides MechaGanesh (Vlog)”

Democratizing Prissiness – Hey Guys and the Fainting Couch (Vlog)

The Atlantic has a recent article about the problem with ‘hey guys!’ as a greeting. There were 17th century French aristocrats that fainted less. I’m still utterly sleep deprived so if you don’t mind meandering through this topic at a snails cadence then perhaps… Continue Reading “Democratizing Prissiness – Hey Guys and the Fainting Couch (Vlog)”