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Under Construction – Up Since Three

I sit staring at a hotel curtain. The pattern reminds me of birch trees. Beyond are some Loblolly pines and Carolina starlight. The room has that new plaster smell that reminds me of the apartment I stayed at while working at a fiberglass plant.… Continue Reading “Under Construction – Up Since Three”

Post Tea Clarity

  Had a bit of a nap followed by some tea and realized that March is upon us. So, I was mulling my stories, the ones that are just sort of hanging there, swaying in the breeze like heralds of some half finished country.… Continue Reading “Post Tea Clarity”

TAP # 11 – Glib, Glam, and Guano (Vlog)

In this installment of TAP (The Audity Podcast), I discuss pitfalls in reasoning that come from the way that information is popularly presented. Presented in gloriously anachronistic black and white because I am a shameless hep-cat hypocrite! Example One: http://psychologyofeating.com/mind-over-food/ Example Two: http://reason.com/archives/2002/09/25/i-dont-care-where-my-food-come Further… Continue Reading “TAP # 11 – Glib, Glam, and Guano (Vlog)”

Waiting for Jill

O my. I fear that I am becoming the master of hackneyed points. So be it. The little hobbyist recording kit I’d bought about a year ago still has a short in it. I’m sure the company would have honored the warranty if I’d… Continue Reading “Waiting for Jill”