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AI based Logistics? There Aren’t Enough Chips For PS5…! Trucking Jobs Aren’t Going Anywhere…

Chip shortages, material shortages, labor shortages all bleak things except for the one silver lining. Relatively lucrative driving jobs probably aren’t going anywhere for a while! WSJ Logistics Links https://www.wsj.com/articles/east-coast-ports-get-more-shipping-volumes-as-trade-routes-change-11600289041?cx_testId=3&cx_testVariant=cx_2&cx_artPos=3&mod=WTRN#cxrecs_s https://www.wsj.com/articles/chip-shortage-curtails-heavy-duty-truck-production-11630661401?mod=article_relatedinline fractaljournal.com – Stories, Novels, Analysis, Music, and More! Bitchute – https://www.bitchute.com/channel/8L0B4xXbEYWs/ Minds –… Continue Reading “AI based Logistics? There Aren’t Enough Chips For PS5…! Trucking Jobs Aren’t Going Anywhere…”

TFS 52 – Wealth vs Bling

The guy with the shitty 2006 Chrysler is wealthier than Mustang Mama. An examination of the dumb limbic monkey-shit I see daily on the road. Tied pretty tidily to broader points about societal decay made by Peter Hitchens. paypal.me/fractalforce – Help Me Outbling the… Continue Reading “TFS 52 – Wealth vs Bling”

TFS 27 – Stoics, Cynics, and Heroics

A cheeky romp through pungent fields of self important bullshit. Diagnosis: It’s a bargain bin replacement for religion. Le Articles De Discotheque https://eidolon.pub/why-is-stoicism-having-a-cultural-moment-5f0e9963d560  

The Robots Are Here (Vlog)

Automation is a hot topic these days. There are lots of ramifications. Whether they be economic, social, or psychological the domain in which they lie is well suited to philosophical exploration. In this super breif video I go over some recent developments that depending… Continue Reading “The Robots Are Here (Vlog)”

Driving Vlog – Talking Heads vs The Productive Class

This was super impromptu so I’ll definitely have to revisit it. I hear these talking points all the time. All this stuff about bootstrapping and class envy. Some of it makes sense but most of it is just hot air. Join me on my… Continue Reading “Driving Vlog – Talking Heads vs The Productive Class”

Ten Years Prior – Uniqlo and Article 13

  Thoughts on the global village, trendy minimalism, and the homogenization of culture. |David Hoffman’s Video | |Sargon on Article 13 | |The Atlantic on Uniqlo | https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/04/uniqlo-millennials-gap/583219/

Fractal Briefs | Patreon and The New York Times

In an interview with The New York Times, Patreon’s Jack Conte and Jacqueline Hart addressed the fallout from their removal of political commentator Sargon of Akkad. A fallout that took with it the likes of Sam Harris and a sizeable chunk of patrons. A… Continue Reading “Fractal Briefs | Patreon and The New York Times”

Fractal Radio | Episode 19 – Pundits Disease

Public discourse is vital to a free and open society. Effective public discourse faces many challenges. One such challenge is Pundits Disease – moralizing about pet issues from a high tower. Pundits and commentators whether mainstream or independent tend to be removed from direct… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 19 – Pundits Disease”

Saturday Morning Musings – Is ‘Pitch Culture’ gonna improve Novels?

Saturdays often find me gathering strength for the coming week.  They are often as productive as any other day but their charm lies in that they don’t have to be. So I sit here giving my eyes a rest, nearly blind without my contacts,… Continue Reading “Saturday Morning Musings – Is ‘Pitch Culture’ gonna improve Novels?”

TFJ Vlogs – Methods and Madness in Blue

We have to judge the quality of our citizens by the quality of their ideas. There is such a thing as truth. If we want to find it we need to stop constantly psychoanalyzing each other. Facts and concepts are the meat and potatoes,… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs – Methods and Madness in Blue”