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Article Suggestions Because 70’s Plumbing

MMM. Just shelled out eight hundred dollars for some plumbing work and found out that there’s another significant portion of my house that’s water damaged. To those of you who have been here a while, you may recall that I recently dwelt in hotels… Continue Reading “Article Suggestions Because 70’s Plumbing”


I’ve been dwelling in a hotel for the past month, probably two. There has also been the business of tending to family. Due to repairs I’m still two to three weeks away from having full use of my house. I think I’m out of… Continue Reading “Um…”

Plumbing Woes

My funky psychedelic 1977 open concept house has even funkier plumbing. A flange leak and several pinholes on the coppers went undetected long enough to rot the floor in the hallway bathroom. I’m currently staying at a hotel while insurance sends out the mitigation… Continue Reading “Plumbing Woes”

Hippy is gonna Hippy

I’ve been feeling the call of the relative wild. This and my desire to improve my content by stepping back for a bit is why posting has been so scarce. I’m hoping to be more productive towards the end of March at the latest.… Continue Reading “Hippy is gonna Hippy”


There’s a bit of a gap in some of my projects. This is just a reminder that I haven’t forgotten. Thanks for your patience. I know that there’s plenty of great content from other folks. So I’m not pretending like everybody is waiting with… Continue Reading “Upcoming”

Fractal Radio| Episode 24 – GNUsmas!

  Did you ever notice that Samsung backwards is GNUsmas. For you normies out there GNU = GNU is not Unix. Recursive acronym joy! Topics Gnusmas! Projects and plans Russia/Trump Ideological Bubbles The Word Gay Silicon Valley Mythology Vanity Fair uses too much Axe… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio| Episode 24 – GNUsmas!”

Rush Job

I’m going to try to write a section or two of the Sketch of Sam Monroe in the next five hours. It is 9:32 PM here in the dirty south that means I’m going to be up till three cause I did promise. Reason… Continue Reading “Rush Job”

Fractal Radio | Episode 22 – The Sketch of Sam Monroe Update and Ancient Civilizations Ramble

  Just some updates about a new posting schedule for The Sketch of Sam Monroe (a novel in progress you can find on my website). Also, I go into a bit of a super informal ramble about one of the themes in that story:… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 22 – The Sketch of Sam Monroe Update and Ancient Civilizations Ramble”

Content Plan for the Week (9/12 – 9/16)

I don’t know if I’ll release these weekly but the past few days have been busy so I want to make sure that I at least put forth the effort to post. I believe in quality over quantity but I also believe that you… Continue Reading “Content Plan for the Week (9/12 – 9/16)”

New Distro!

The lack of content today is due to geekery but I guess I can turn that into content…so! Just installed Linux Mint 19 ‘Tara’ on my old 2014 HP Pavilion Slimline system. Works swimmingly thus far, sleeker design, and the snapshot feature is nice.… Continue Reading “New Distro!”