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Collapse (SongPoem)

i was waitin i was wishin for the floor to fall out from under me i was waiting yea waitin just so as i could see the pitch black sky and the the brilliant stars come to swallow me o girl o honey girl… Continue Reading “Collapse (SongPoem)”

Sweet Uncertainty (Violin, Voice, and Guitar)

The mix and render was a touch rough but yea..here’s the lyrics Ooooo oooo Sweet uncertainty Bring another gift to me Ooooo ooooo I am so loose My wings Angles obtuse So rings Sweet  Yea sweeet Yea my sweet Uncertainty   Made with FOSS… Continue Reading “Sweet Uncertainty (Violin, Voice, and Guitar)”

Ever Forward (Guitar/Violin Bminorish)

Rejoice for I have spared you my caterwauling. It’s purely instrumental caterwauling tonight. Having the damnedst time trying to gather my time into neat enough bundles to bring a decent soup to a boil. Mayhaps this coming week will yield heartier fare. Carry on.… Continue Reading “Ever Forward (Guitar/Violin Bminorish)”

O Flower ~ (Poem – Song- Thing) w/Violin Woohoo – I still Can’t Sing

Will probably put up an instrumental version cause the vocals are so ghastly. I kept them in mostly because the timing of this crap take was better than anything I could come up with this evening. I’m satisfied with the violin and can tolerate… Continue Reading “O Flower ~ (Poem – Song- Thing) w/Violin Woohoo – I still Can’t Sing”

Friday Rain (Guitar and Violin)

Everything is mighty green. Production Tools FOSS! Ardour Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (Mic that came in the kit) CAD MH210 Headphones Kdenlive LINUX MINT! Email | mellow.mission.productions@gmail.com Minds | http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow SubscribeStar | (Under Construction) http://www.subscribestar.com/TFJ

Noble Order of Asshole Knights – Join or Serve!

So, I was practicing violin (poorly) from a Mel Bay book I picked up. One of the songs is Gavotte by some fop named Praetorius. Being that I’m about as naturally musical as a coked up bobcat trapped in well full of nettles I… Continue Reading “Noble Order of Asshole Knights – Join or Serve!”

Quasimodo’s Ring – An Ode to Mr. Drake (Original Lyrics and Song)

Another Late Evening Jam…check out Nick Drake if you want to hear some fantastic music by someone who actually took the trouble to practice singing. Don’t You Know the Ring? (Alternate Title) Lyrics The faintest spark Within the dark Would hold us fast And… Continue Reading “Quasimodo’s Ring – An Ode to Mr. Drake (Original Lyrics and Song)”

Again Again (Original Lyrics and Song Demo)

The result of a brief little jam session I was able to squeeze in last night. I made it on the fly and just now wrote down the lyrics for those who prefer poems to songs. DAW (i guess it’s a DAW) – Audacity… Continue Reading “Again Again (Original Lyrics and Song Demo)”

Transmission (Demo)

Seems I’m channeling my inner Weegy in that trv kvlt frame on the top right there… I’m having technical difficulties and so to blend parts I had to use Kdenlive instead of Ardour. I guess everything has a silver lining since I can show… Continue Reading “Transmission (Demo)”

Mirror Pond Demo

A clumsy song about aging.