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Imperial Japan, Bertrand Russell, and Productivity (Vlog Thing)

Finally back in the house. It’s a touch difficult to pick a title for one of these vlogs that’s all over the place. So, I sort of just listed some of the main topics under discussion. I go over those and some odds and… Continue Reading “Imperial Japan, Bertrand Russell, and Productivity (Vlog Thing)”

Attack of the Pillowbutt

What a brat…

Gee, Bee Flat, and Dee (Vlog and Music Sorta)

9 minutes of utter wank. I do like the chord though. If it is a chord I think it’s supposed to be G, B Flat, and D Flat but whatever. It was my intention to get some headway on the Sketch of Sam Monroe… Continue Reading “Gee, Bee Flat, and Dee (Vlog and Music Sorta)”

Fractal Briefs # 1 – What Embarasses Me

  Hint: It’s not the fan in the background. Social Thing | https://www.minds.com/Weirmellow Tipjar | https://www.patreon.com/TheFractalJournal

Cheesy as XYZ – Vlog

    First there was a boom, then there was an X, and now the omega of Z. Maybe we should stop thinking so apocalyptically? https://www.minds.com/Weirmellow – Social Mediuh https://www.patreon.com/TheFractalJournal – Tipjar

Of Critics and Gas (Vlog)

Just a wee hot take on taking the edge off of criticism and especially self criticism. Actual content to come soon..like within the week…maybe even today…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What am I …not lazy? I mean I didn’t even remove that… Continue Reading “Of Critics and Gas (Vlog)”

Fractal Radio | Episode 26 – The Useful Vlog!

…or so I hope. Just some odds and ends regarding pop psych and finger pointing. Also retro clothes! Topics Machiavellian Machinations or just gas? Sleep First World, Third World, Wank World – Undue Preening The horror of the soccer mom! mellow.mission.productions@gmail.com | Email http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 26 – The Useful Vlog!”

Fractal Radio | Episode 25 – Carolina Weather, Death in New Jersey, and Nukes (O My)

Decided to dispense with the mic due to current hardware limitations making rendering an hours long nightmare. Topics – Weather – – Water – – Geetha Angara Death – – Trump’s withdrawal from Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia – – Tech Addiction – –… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 25 – Carolina Weather, Death in New Jersey, and Nukes (O My)”

Fractal Radio| Episode 24 – GNUsmas!

  Did you ever notice that Samsung backwards is GNUsmas. For you normies out there GNU = GNU is not Unix. Recursive acronym joy! Topics Gnusmas! Projects and plans Russia/Trump Ideological Bubbles The Word Gay Silicon Valley Mythology Vanity Fair uses too much Axe… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio| Episode 24 – GNUsmas!”

Fractal Radio| Episode 23 – Can You Schedule Poetry (Creative Workflow)

  A brief discussion on the difficulties of managing interest and work in a variety of outputs. Here I’ll discuss single discipline focus vs the more ‘renaissance man’ approach and ask questions like should you schedule poetry? http://www.fractaljournal.com | Stories, Ideas, and More http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio| Episode 23 – Can You Schedule Poetry (Creative Workflow)”