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Wasted Days Demo

Got a 40 dollar CAD u49 since my abused Focusrite finally called it quits. Works pretty good.

Collapse (SongPoem)

i was waitin i was wishin for the floor to fall out from under me i was waiting yea waitin just so as i could see the pitch black sky and the the brilliant stars come to swallow me o girl o honey girl… Continue Reading “Collapse (SongPoem)”

O You River (Vocal/Guitar/Poem)

  The words again… I am waiting for somebody to tell me That they are doing something more than this I am waiting for somebody to tell me All about the the things that I am gonna miss I am waiting for the wisdom… Continue Reading “O You River (Vocal/Guitar/Poem)”

Windowside Experiment 1.0 (Poem and Song)

(Got the 12 String fixed…so I put together this little number. It’s 432 hz because I’m a dirty hippy.) Wasted Days And golden Rays Of Sunshine When will I rise To tow the drowning line Long blonde hair Wicker Chair And summer Wine Such… Continue Reading “Windowside Experiment 1.0 (Poem and Song)”

Wispy, Waify, and Wild (Poem)

She was just a dream I guess that is my nightmare All these sorts of things They always interrupt me This is why I stare O so very blankly As the hand ascends And drops down O so very slowly Nothing ever ends Wispy,… Continue Reading “Wispy, Waify, and Wild (Poem)”

Garden Walls (Guitar and Voice)

Impromptu poem and voice. Email | mellow.mission.productions@gmail.com Minds | http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow SubscribeStar | (Under Construction) http://www.subscribestar.com/TFJ

Lesedi (Song, Poem, and Rivertime)

Lesedi is a Sesotho (South African Tribe) name that means light. I thought it sounded really nice. Like Ubuntu. Time is everpresent Hear now here now Hear now here now Hear the time Listen and youll realize in no time That there is no… Continue Reading “Lesedi (Song, Poem, and Rivertime)”