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Announcing – The Strange Life of Artemus Foe (Again..)

So, I have decided to pursue this steampunk webcomic idea. Which is explained in a voicememo/youtube video below. I know I already introduced it but here’s some more concept art! If you can call it art. Concept doodles…but I had a blast…look forward to… Continue Reading “Announcing – The Strange Life of Artemus Foe (Again..)”

Hipster Viking (Doodle)

Since my last post was kind of heavy here’s some comic relief.

Post. Grunge. Punks. – Band Geeks – Part Two (Webcomic)

Part One – Post. Grunge. Punks. – ‘Band Geek’ (Webcomic) Since I’m using a mouse to draw and am pressed for time here’s a typed up transcript of the dialogue.  I think I’m going to draw with pen and paper until I get a Graphics… Continue Reading “Post. Grunge. Punks. – Band Geeks – Part Two (Webcomic)”

Post. Grunge. Punks. – Origin (Webcomic)

This little verbose atrocity seems to be what got the gears rolling for the ‘Post Grunge Punks’ idea. It was in an old sketchpad filled with stuff from various years. This was pretty recent though. March 2017, which is odd because normally things feel… Continue Reading “Post. Grunge. Punks. – Origin (Webcomic)”

Post. Grunge. Punks. – ‘Band Geek’ (Webcomic)

My scanner is working! I just installed Linux Mint and things are super peachy. Which is just as well because I wasn’t getting along with the mouse today. So here’s a quick hand-sketched PGP episode. I never did understand suit hatred.  So functional and elegant…but… Continue Reading “Post. Grunge. Punks. – ‘Band Geek’ (Webcomic)”

Post. Grunge. Punks. – Metal Illness (Webcomic)

Don’t get it twist…this is a most grim and frostbitten issue, just look at the advanced stages of this disease:

Post. Grunge. Punks. – ‘Are you Goth?’

Such was the beginning of a most metal friendship. The Dorkening…. That night was ten years ago give or take a year. Wut…now that’s heavy…  

Post Grunge Punks – Home Ec

When I was a kid I recall going out to my friends Dacha with my drunken uncles. Potato cooking seemed so simple then. First you get properly pissed then you wrap the spuds in tinfoil and toss them in a fire by the river.… Continue Reading “Post Grunge Punks – Home Ec”

Post.Grunge.Punks. (Webcomic) – Tim Pool is a Nut (pt.2) – The Timatree

Part one: Post.Grunge.Punks. (Webcomic) – Tim Pool is a Nut Tim Pool is a skateboarding e-pundit and indie journalist. I had a theory about why he never takes off his beanie occur to me the other day and thought I’d turn it into a cartoon.… Continue Reading “Post.Grunge.Punks. (Webcomic) – Tim Pool is a Nut (pt.2) – The Timatree”

Post.Grunge.Punks. (Webcomic) – Tim Pool is a Nut

Tim’s where I get (some of) my news and he seems to be an all around decent guy. I thought this would be a fun way to introduce him to people who may not have heard of his work. Check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Timcasts