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Ten Joys of Simple Work

I bitch a lot about my day job so here are some of the perks. I’m too shagged out to make it terribly witty or poetic but I’m trying damn it! 1) My feet are strong. I got buff feet yall. They conform to… Continue Reading “Ten Joys of Simple Work”

Prole Pizza – For Replenishment, Fatness, and Coronary Occlusion (Vlog)

I lug boxes for a living. Sometimes I run out of healthy stuff so I opt for hearty. Base – Red Baron Deluxe Supreme Garnish – Nacho Cheese and a metric ton of Ground Beef I work in the hub but sometimes do driver… Continue Reading “Prole Pizza – For Replenishment, Fatness, and Coronary Occlusion (Vlog)”

Forgetting Labor

‘There’s more than that to being poor.’ A discussion on the disconnect between pundits and the working class. The question as to whether or not I should upload this… was answered – when I did a random search for Free Domain music on the… Continue Reading “Forgetting Labor”